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Ohio Police: Guardians of Highway Safety or Municipal Fundraisers?

I recently returned from my annual, winter, month-long automobile pilgrimage to the Gulf of Mexico where I visit some family and friends in Fort Myers while on a ‘working’ vacation, and then the Atlanta area on my way back (I’m a Pisces and I’ve always considered the ocean air, salt water beaches, and intercoastal waterways of Florida as a substitute womb ever since I got out and first went there)…

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JustSayin Bill 124

Bill 124: Superior Court of Justice Calls Out the Province for Crying Wolf

On November 29, 2022, the Superior Court of Justice struck down as unconstitutional the provincial Conservative government’s Bill 124. Passed in June 2019, this piece of wage restraint legislation’s most objectionable provision limited wage increases for approximately 780,000 workers in the public sector to 1% per year for a 3-year moderation period.

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Democracy participatory

How Participatory is Democracy Really?

A story on CTV’s website in early August reported that, although an overwhelming majority of registered Conservatives supported Pierre Poilievre for leader of the Conservative Party (44% to 17%), most Canadians preferred Jean Charest to become leader of the party, with a larger percentage of voters indicating they would not vote Conservative in the upcoming federal election if Poilievre becomes leader.

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Isn’t It Problematic – Canadian Government Has Less Than A Third Of The Country’s Support?

Canadians are as politically disparate as the vast and diverse landscape we inhabit. Our elected legislatures need to accommodate the competing interests of a great number of factions — some economic (think agricultural, manufacturing, fishing, energy), some cultural and linguistic (English, French, First Nations, Old World immigrants), and some ideological (conservative, liberal, labour-oriented, religious), including many overlapping and distinct viewpoints in between, on these, and from other perspectives.

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Should Canada Move On From The Monarchy

Should Canada Move On From The Monarchy?

As recently as last year a newspaper editorialist proposed . . . “While the Crown is not perfect and does not rule in Canada, it is above partisanship, symbolizing the unity of the nation. This makes the monarchy a deeply authentic part of Canada’s political heritage and of its political culture of stability, peace, order, and (fairly) good government.” What a load of crap I say!

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