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Bus Accidents

While choosing to take public transportation such as a city, school or tour bus, can be more cost efficient and environmentally friendly, it also poses a more serious safety risk. This mode of transportation lacks seatbelts, air bags and other necessary safety equipment to adequately protect its passengers from injury. It also relies heavily on the driver to be both a vigilant and defensive driver. School bus, tour bus and public transit operators can be responsible for causing personal injury.

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All bus operators in Ontario are required to complete driver training to receive their commercial bus driver’s license before they can safely operate a bus – regardless if that vehicle is used for school or public transportation or as a tour bus. However, these preventative measures are not always enough to safeguard school children or other passengers from danger. Accidents involving commercial vehicles can be caused by: driver negligence; passing motorists who do not adhere to the bus’s caution lights; failure to heed stop signs; or failure to obey Ontario’s zero-tolerance laws relating to drugs and alcohol.


  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Housekeeping or home maintenance assistance
  • Loss of injured persons’ guidance, care and companionship


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