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Why It Is Best to Not Talk to an Insurance Company Without a Lawyer

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Why It Is Best to Not Talk to an Insurance Company Without a Lawyer

Whether you are involved in a car accident or injured in a slip-and-fall accident, often there are multiple insurance companies involved. After an automobile accident, one of the first things you must do is contact your insurance company. However, insurance companies rarely have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies may force you to sign documents that take away your right to get the compensation that you deserve. In order to better protect your legal interests, it is essential to consult with a personal injury lawyer before you speak with any insurance company. 

Insurance companies do not work for you. Instead, they work to ensure that you receive as little compensation as possible for your claim in exchange for a reference. Experienced personal injury lawyers are well-versed in negotiations, as well as in the tactics that insurance companies commonly utilize. Subsequently, they can help you to receive the compensation that you deserve.  

If you decide to inform your insurance company, alone, about your claim, only provide basic information such as the time, date, and location of the accident. Do not discuss fault or assess your injuries to your insurance company — your personal injury lawyer can discuss these details with the insurance company on your behalf. After an accident, you will be very disoriented and overwhelmed, and you could accidentally say things that could negatively impact your claim. 

A personal injury lawyer can advise you on: 

  • Who you should and should not talk to at the scene of the accident;  
  • How to collect evidence at the scene of the accident that shows the other party’s fault;  
  • How to respond to the other party and their insurance company; 
  • How to obtain medical care that will benefit your claim later. 

When you hire a lawyer, they will defend your rights and represent you diligently. When settling a personal injury claim with an insurance company, it is imperative that you seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. The Toronto Star recently published an article that highlights the importance of screening and hiring personal injury lawyers with a proven background of professionalism, trust, and credibility. 

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