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Medical Malpractice is a aggressively growing area of claims in both the insurance and the legal industries. As our population has become more informed in their rights, their access to information through technology and also gaining a better understanding of their rights, we are experiencing an influx of medical malpractice claims that have legitimate foundation in claim. Our lives are hectic, our pressures are increasing and our ability to perform accurately is something we are all dealing with, however, a medical practitioner has an added pressure to ensure that none of these “pressures or stresses” will interfere with the treatment of their patients including prescribing medication to a surgical procedure. This is our health…. and our lives that we are dealing with. Not only our own lives, but the lives of our loved ones, compromise or careless, uninformed errors cannot be tolerated.

Lets define Medical Malpractice: It is the professional negligence by act or omission of a health care provider in which the treatment resulted in a level of medical practice that is below the standard commonly accepted by the medical community and in which results in injury or death which is a direct result of medical error.

How Frequent and Costly is Medical Malpractice?

According to Canadian Dimension Magazine, some 40,000 deaths are caused annually due to errors in the Canadian health care delivery system, in other words, due to medical malpractice. The author of the subject article, William Charney, estimates that the actual statistics of medical malpractice in the country are probably much higher because of a lack of reporting of such instances.

What are your Choices?

Essentially you have Two Choices. Your First being to do what so many have done, not take action and deal with the unfortunate outcomes of the medical malpractice. Dealing with injuries that could span years or even a lifetime, costing you countless financial burden that is never properly compensated, possibly even denying you the access to the best medical solutions, post-event medical support or costly prostetics that will help to improve the lifestyle of the injured. Or even worse, you could be the family that is now dealing with the loss of a loved one, who, no matter what medical support you can gain access to, will forever be lost!

Your Second option is to make a stand and seek the guidance, advice and expertise of a professional lawyer or legal team that understand the challenges and intimacies of a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit. The right medical malpractice legal team will give your misfortune a voice and give you the access to the compensation that you are entitled to.

Here is what we recommend your next step is…

Contact our team to setup a Free Consultation with one of our experienced Medical Malpractice lawyers and start exploring your options with a team that understand the intimate details of this type of claim. You can’t make an informed decision until you have been explained what your options, that is what we will do for you -before any dollars are every exchanged.

We are only willing and able to help those people we are confident are entitled to compensation.

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