CALL-L Listserv and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries List (CALL-L) is an e-mail discussion list fostering an interest in and discussion on law librarianship in Canada. A message went out today from CALL-L list owner/manager Susan Jones at the University of New Brunswick to all subscribers asking us to “opt in” to being on the list.

This measure is being taken to comply with Canada’s new anti-spam legislation coming into force on July 1st. While the list itself is not a commercial vehicle, some of the messages posted may be interpreted as such. From the message to subscribers:

CALL-L is used by subscribers to distribute a variety of messages, including messages inviting other subscribers to register for webinars, renew CALL memberships, promote upcoming conferences, and offer books for the cost of shipping. Under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), these types of messages may now be considered “commercial electronic messages”. To comply with CASL, which comes into force on July 1, 2014, I’m requesting the express consent of subscribers to receive commercial electronic messages via CALL-L.

Subscribers are being asked to respond directly to the list owner/manager by June 30th indicating consent to continue receiving messages from the list.

While there are exceptions in the legislation for associations sending messages to members, CALL-L is not an official communication vehicle for the Canadian Association of Law Libraries and membership is broader than just CALL/ACBD members. The list was created before this legislation was put into place, so this extra step is being taken to ensure compliance.

Information about the CALL-L list may be found on the CALL/ACBD website. Thanks to Susan Jones for coordinating us!

Source: Slaw Legal Information

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